Rockin’ Resolutions!

10526188_991234320942828_8879897601751925649_nWe are rockin’ out this new year!  


There’s no better way to start the year!

It’s  the perfect time to make choices to be better people.


That’s exactly what our Kids Count students did.


“I wanted to use this activity as an opportunity to really encourage the kids that they can reach their goals and to work hard this year.” shared Ms. Keri at our Faith United Methodist Site.



The kids listed their goals on their guitars, declaring things like “I want to be more respectful” and “I want to be kind to my teacher and to use kind words.”


Ms. Keri explained that the kids “enjoyed making the guitars (decorating them however they wanted too…they all came out differently) and then jamming out afterwards :)”


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“They were pretending to play them and it was really funny and I know they enjoyed it because they were all asking to take them home.”

They learned what a resolution was and found that setting new goals can be lots of fun!


efbb7a2a-d5a7-412c-8d11-e142c87da6d9Although the kids were begging to take their guitars home, Ms. Keri decided to display them as a reminder to the kids to keep striving for their goals.


It also makes for a pretty colorful and fun room! Great job Kids Count Kids!