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UF Students Sell Kids Count

I visited Lucky’s Market on Sunday to meet a group of UF students who organized a bake sale to raise money for Kids Count. What I encountered when I arrived was so much more than just cookies and cakes. I was greeted with warm welcomes, friendly faces, and seamless service. Brain Condra  and Caleb Godwin worked the sales…

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Rockin’ Resolutions!

We are rockin’ out this new year!     There’s no better way to start the year! It’s  the perfect time to make choices to be better people.   That’s exactly what our Kids Count students did.   “I wanted to use this activity as an opportunity to really encourage the kids that they can reach their…

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Kids Count Travels written by Kids Count kids

We took a trip to the Gainesville airport where we learned about traveling and planes!  If we could go anywhere we wanted on vacation, we have many ideas of places we’d choose. I will go to Miami. When I go to Miami I want to go see my cousin’s basketball game. What I will pack…

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